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What to expect

  • Your initial meeting is a 15-minute telephone conversation.  We'd like to make sure that you're in the right place.  If you are, you'll schedule a Discovery Session.
  • The Discovery Session will last no longer than 1-hour.  In this session, you and your advisor will discuss, in detail, the history of your financial experiences, current financial circumstances and long-term objectives.  This discussion will help you both to determine if our generational wealth accumulation and sustainability platform is likely to compliment your success. This meeting can take place as a conference call, virtual/video chat, or in-person meeting. 
  • In conclusion of phase one, your advisor will present you with suggested solutions during a Q&A.  This meeting will last no longer than 90-minutes and should be in-person.  Upon selection and implementation of your enhanced life insurance and/or annuity strategy, you will agree to execute a review of your plans, at least, annually or whenever a life-changing event occurs.
  • If you do not have a current esate plan, you will be encouraged to schedule an appointment with one of our preferred estate planning attorneys.  We welcome and encourage collaboration with your estate planning attorney, tax accountant, investment advisor and banker.
All in-person meetings will take place in our Flossmoor or Oak Brook office.  Meetings may take place at your home or place of work in special circumstances.

Questions & General Inquiries

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