Our Firm

Efficient Estates specializes in annuity and life insurance strategies as financial solutions.  Common concerns include but aren't limited to:

  • Running out of money in retirement
  • Caring for elderly parents
  • Paying for higher education
  • Cost of Long-Term Care
  • Protecting and transferring assets to your heirs

Our Founder and current Managing Partner, Monica C. Harris launched in 2008, at the advice of her income tax advisors, as an income tax strategy.  In 2012, Efficient Estates was incorporated and converted into an official brand.

We encourage our clients to establish sizable and sustainable wealth building strategies by exposing them to the options that are available to them in the insurance industry.  Protecting what you already have is our top priority.  Then, working to promote and sustain growth with limited exposure to the systematic risks of the markets and optimum tax efficiencies are explored. 

We prefer to work alongside your income tax advisors/preparers, estate planning attorneys, investment advisors and bankers to ensure delivery and implementation of a comprehensive strategy that is void of gaps.  Our prized posssession is the annual review, in which we hold all clients accountable to every year to measure results. 

Generations within a lineage should plan together.  Not only do we encourage this philosophy but we foster it by hosting Family Fund potlucks.  Contact us to learn more.

So, What's an Efficient Estate?

An efficient estate is one that is effectively transferrable to the next generation without excessive hassle and costs.  Simply put, it's when you have assets for your heirs to inherit AND in the event that you become ill and are unable to manage those assets, your designated heir can step in stress-free AND your designated heir(s) can inherit your assets stress-free AND affordably.