Wealth Accumulation & Preservation Literacy

The Annuity Simplified

  • What’s an annuity?
  • Why an annuity?
  • The potential pros and cons of annuities
  • Discover your risk tolerance
  • Explore if an annuity is a good fit for you

Annuities can be extremely complex financial products to consider. An annuity can provide you with a guaranteed lifetime income. Some annuities can also place major restrictions on the use of your funds and change the course of your financial plan for life. It’s important to have a general understanding before making the commitment to implement an annuity into your financial plan.

Participants will:

  • Complete a custom risk tolerance assessment.
  • Complete a personal net worth calculation.
  • Complete a questionnaire to assess personalsuitabilityfor an annuity.

*No annuity product information will be available and/or discussed.

The Family FundTM – Generational Wealth Simplified

  • Learn how to make family gatherings financial literacy opportunities.
  • Learn how to use life insurance for more than burial and final expenses.
  • Learn how to pool funds together and maximize dollars at optimum levels within a family.
  • Learn how to create an education fund for future generations.
  • Learn how to establish the down payments onrealestate purchasesforfuture generations.

Participants will:

  • Develop a list of ideal FamilyFundTM members
  • Define member roles
  • Develop a FamilyFundTM Action Plan
  • Design a launch timeline

*No annuity product information will be available and/or discussed.

Creating A Legendary Business

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with an empire building mindset.  Learn how to build a business that internally sustains your external brand and image during and beyond your tenure.  Think exit strategy. Don’t get caught trying to extinguish fires just when you were approaching the black. 

  • Will successor ownership be ready, willing and able to carry on the legacy of your business beyond your tenure? 
  • Will your family receive the full value of your business, or will they have to sell it just to pay the taxes in your absence?
  • Do you have an estate protection plan in place to minimize taxes and enhance its transfer to your heirs?
  • Do you have a program in place to retain and reward your most valuable employees?
  • Are you prepared in case your most valuable employee dies unexpectedly?
  • What happens to a business when a key person or the business owner dies unexpectedly?

To protect a business against financial loss, business owners need to plan for potential scenarios like this. Most focus heavily on brand and image development and generating revenues that they never give consideration to these possibilities until it is too late.  Let’s build them into the business planning to protect brands, images and revenues from day one.

Participants will:

  • Explore concepts such as the life of the business after retirement, estate planning and risks associated with key employees
  • Receive sample tax form(s) to implement into their Operations Procedure Manual (OPM)
  • Receive sample agreements necessary to implement planning strategies
  • Explore planning for the orderly sale of their business interests upon retirement
  • Explore Cross-Purchase, Entity-Purchase, Wait and See, and One Way Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Learn how to keep the family business alive and in the family

One Sheet

Monica C. Harris is a financial services expert with experience in retail and business banking and cash management, processing, packaging and wholesaling mortgage loans, packaging consumer based mortgage loan applications, investing in stocks, small businesses and real estate, and designing, presenting and managing life insurance and annuity cases for consumers and small business owners. 

Monica started her career as a retail banker in 1999 where she consistently received multiple consecutive monthly and quarterly top sales incentives and awards throughout the bulk of her banking career.  In fact, early in her career she announced her plan to resign and accept a marketing position in an unrelated industry.  This announcement triggered a bidding war between the two employers.  Monica eventually made a lateral move within her current organization to serve in their mortgage department as a processor where she was assigned to the loan officer who served the most challenged market and drastically increased the closing and turn-around rates.

In 2006, Monica was recruited by one of her retail banking customers to serve in the life insurance industry.  Soon after she launched Efficient Estates, a financial services firm that specializes in annuity and life insurance strategies as solutions to the financial problems of higher income earners who are trying to achieve sustainable generational wealth. She’s also the Founding Director of Royal Daughters of GOD where she directs the Scholarship Roundtable program, which focuses on producing debt free college graduates. Monica is the heir to an estate that she never received which is why she enjoys teaching financial and wealth literacy and speaking to groups about the realistic opportunity to accumulate and sustain wealth.

Monica holds a Bachelors of Science degree with a concentration in Finance from DeVry University, and is licensed as a life insurance producer and maintains a certification in annuities for Illinois, Georgia, California & Florida.  In addition to her ministry, Royal Daughters of GOD, and Director of the Scholarship Roundtable, Monica serves her community as an Ambassador Council Member and sexual violence support services (SVSS) Medical Advocate for YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, board member of A Diamond's Heart, and a board member of Union Street Gallery.

She's married with two children and two bonus children.  Her and her family are members of The Emmaus Community where she worships under the leadership of Dr. Alise Barrymore.

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