Annuity & Life Insurance Strategies as Financial Solutions


Generational Wealth Accumulation & Preservation

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Indexed and Fixed Indexed annuities are practical retirement solutions that can be used to...

  • Rollover an existing retirement plan
  • Place an IRA
  • Protect your hard earned dollars
  • Create income that cannot be outlived
  • Keep your money safe from volatility
  • Achieve balance and a peace of mind
  • Transfer the risk exposure of your money to an insurance company
  • Experience tax deferred growth
Shortly after meeting Monica and investing in a retirement plan; I made the mistate of withdrawing money from a preior retirement plan, BIG MISTAKE!  I actually never used a dime of the money withdrawn because my needs of the money withdrawn had changed.  This mistake was now going to cost me $100,000+ in taxes and penalties.  Monica went into action quickly in helping me to get through this disaster.  You would have thought it was her own money.  Monica actually researched a solution that neither myself or my tax preparer of many years could come up with.  She went a step further and got a new tax preparer for me.  Long story short, everything is completely resolved without being taxed or penalized. -P. Harris

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Life Insurance

Beyond providing burial and final expense funds, life insurance can be used to...

  • Supplement retirement income
  • Start a business
  • Provide income during a job loss, medical leave or during a job transition
  • Car repair
  • Emergencies
  • Pay for college
  • Pay for a wedding
  • Many other things
Efficient Estates has played an important role in providing information about the components we need to address to create our efficient estate.  Monica Harris is passionate about helping individuals protect themselves and build wealth to create lasting legacies for their families.  Her integrity is evident as her business practices are not just about her own profitability, but are truly focused on helping her clients choose the best solutions for their individual goals.  Lastly, her commitment to community and philanthropic efforts are commendable and truly show that her words and actions are aligned - this is a trait that I look for in businesses I choose to patronize. -L. Knights

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Small Business Strategies

Take your small business to new heights with life insurance and annuity strategies that can...

  • Replace capital and recover costs
  • Enhance your employer deduction potential
  • Payoff the business debts of a deceased or disabled partner
  • Temporarily recover loss revenue in the event of the death of a key employee
  • Provide capital to recruit and train the replacement of a deceased key employee
  • Attract new talent or retain key talent
  • Enhance balance sheet positioning
  • Efficiently transfer business interest
  • Protect your families income in the event of a death
  • Provide a fair price for your business interest 
  • Assure business continuity